Midsouth Conveying Trim Cutters

Trim cutters enable continuous web manufacturers, slitters and converters to remove edge trim from production lines while maximizing up-time by eliminating edge trim blockages.

Trim cutters cut continuous material into small pieces that move with ease to a collection area such as a baler or compactor. Trim cutters are ideal wherever one or more edge trims are conveyed through the same duct.

If you convey continuous trims without cutting them, they twist and rope. This “roping” leads to balling of edge trim as faster and slower moving trims tangle and plug the duct. This plug could be anywhere in the scrap system. Furthermore, non-tearable continuous trims being conveyed through a material handling fan wrap around the fan wheel, plugging and possibly damaging the fan.

Midsouth Conveying will design an efficent air-trim system using less air and horsepower to move cut scrap material to the collection area, cutting your energy cost.


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