Midsouth Conveying Material Separators

Above Roof Material Separator

Rooftop CyclonesTime-tested and simple, a cyclone is up to 98% efficent. Installed atop your plant's roof, valuable floor space is preserved, and it has no moving parts to maintain. It also provides sufficent surge capacity to help give your balerBaler time to work, and it can handle a mix of just about any kind of materials.

With a rooftop cyclone, in-plant noise is not a concern. And because the cyclone uses low air pressure, dust travels with the scrap into Dust Collectionthe baler where it is contained, making dust-collection barrels uneccessary.

The height between the cyclone outlet and the baler hopper allows storage space, or surge, to allow the baler time to cycle and tie off bales. The surge space also provides additional weight over the baling chamber to increase uniform density.

Below Roof Material Separator

If an indoor material separator is desired, Midsouth Conveying can design one with an inclined air tight conveyor system to convey material higher and improve the surge. The conveyor also acts as an airlock to prevent the escape of dust back into the plant.


Below-roof Material SeperatorMidsouth Conveyor Designed Bale Slide
• Designed with Heavy duty construction
• Schedule 40 pipe runners minimize bale to surface friction
• 1" thick side supports for anchoring to floor
• Discharge straight or on a radius for storing up to 10 bales Midsouth Designed Bale Slide


An indoor material separator is out of sight for plants situated in industrial parks sensitive to "visual pollution" and requires no holes in the roof that could create weather leaks. Indoor units also greatly reduce problems in maintaining and containing conditioned air.



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