Midsouth Conveying Scrap Handler

A customized Scrap Handling System by Midsouth Conveying means dependability, efficiency and quality.

Scrap Handling Example

In our example, trim cutters, shredders and floor sweeps are used to handle, collect and process dry scrap material and packaging waste. The scrap handling / conveying system behaves like a central vacuum system in your home - collecting dust and waste throughout the premises using forced air.


How does it work? Think of a centrifuge in a can (cyclone), mounted on your roof with one job to do -- separate scrap and/or waste material from the stream of air that conveyed it to the cyclone. fanIt is the cyclone and a series of pipes, elbows, fans, diverters, silencers, switch valves, and other components that help make up the general processes involved in pneumatic scrap conveying.

diverterOnce the scrap material has been sufficiently collected, the final process will use a baler to compress and band the waste for recycling or disposal.

3d Diagram

Above roof or below roof, at Midsouth Conveying we custom-design, engineer, fabricate and install scrap conveying systems for many industries. Contact your MSC representative for more detailed information.



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